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Ochre Hereafter
Ochre Hereafter
Acrylic mounted on canvas with Velcro backing
35 x 64 inches

"Houses for Hereafter" series
"...Bernheim works ... through a series of stages... [S]he builds up a thick skin of paint by layering acrylic on glass... [T]he paint cannot adhere properly to the glass surface, and it cracks, puckers and wrinkles as it dries... [F]or an extended period of time, Bernheim pulls it off the glass and glues it onto a support, with the surface that was against the glass now facing out. What was once the outer surface of the painting now becomes the ground... [T]he viewer ... read[s] the shapes as symbols, as carriers of meaning well beyond their simple geometric forms... [T]he process by which the paint skin evolved,... explor[es] what a painting's ground layer is and how it affects the picture as a whole,... also investigat[ing] the relationship of the work to the wall[.]"
-Joseph Ruzicka, Art in America